Is this a run on sentence or do I need a comma?

I honestly have wanted to blog for years and became so obsessed over not wanting to take the time to worry about proper grammar and punctuation that I just never started. It’s not that I’m an English dummy, I just tend to over think things and then something that should be enjoyable becomes work, and LORD knows I do not need anymore work on my plate.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine brought something to my attention. This chick can pick someone apart in a heartbeat and is wise beyond words as far as getting to the root of an issue, etc. She gets my brain in overload thinking about all of the things that have made me in to the person I am today. The fact that I doubt every decision I make almost makes me feel self destructive. Who cares if there’s a run on sentence or a misplaced comma just because I like what they look like 😉 The bottom line is that this is mine..Who am I trying to impress? Why am I worried about judgment? Because that’s just the type of person that I am and this is going to be a big part of my growth is putting my thoughts on to paper… Er, a blog. So here it goes- A piece of my brain, linked to a website.

Where do I start? I guess with this major piece of self discovery. I have always associated success as “flying”. Being busy, appearing to be never be phased by anything life throws my way, and getting shit done. Soaring in my own world and being able to do everything for myself, along with having a confidence behind that because of the fact that I have always managed to do everything with or without the support of others. Suddenly, it hit me. I realized that my whole life has been thinking that I was doing this whole life thing right..Because a lot of people want to fly, right? Something was missing guys. Something felt out of place, and I just realized what it was. It’s time to give these ol’ wings a break and make a nest. Scary is waking up and realizing that flying is the easy part.


4 thoughts on “Is this a run on sentence or do I need a comma?

  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere! Glad to have you on board. Looking forward to many of your posts.
    This was a great read, you can drop by my blog any time if your in need of any help. Cheers!


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