Refrigeration Meditation

image12Today while I was cleaning out my refrigerator I realized that I thought about cleaning the fridge, way longer than how long it took me to actually clean the fridge. I spend so much time stressing and thinking about the things I want to get done. Anyone else have this problem? I can’t relax until my house is clean and everything is in order but I can’t always muster the energy to get everything done. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m pretty sure it’s a vicious cycle. Think about how this reflects not only in the physical aspects of our lives but the emotional changes we are attempting to make as well. Exhausting ourselves harping on the changes we are attempting to make within…So much so, that we tire ourselves out before we can even make the changes.

Now excuse me while I go on a Netflix binge whilst thinking about how much my bathroom needs a good cleanin’.


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